HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press
Announcing the Launch of the HP Indigo 6900 Presses
Utah Packaging is proud to announce the launch of two HP Indigo 6900 presses at its Utah facility in October By adding HP Indigo 6900s Utah Packaging has expanded its capability and versatility in the fast moving on-demand labeling market....
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4 Most Common Mistakes of Packaging Design in Utah
Your company’s product packaging design in Utah can make or break your business success. While packaging design plays a key role in maintaining the safety and quality of your products, proper packaging is also important because it sends a message...
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5 Ways to Create Product Packaging That Stands Out
Today’s world is full of options. The frozen foods aisle alone is home to upwards of 50 ice cream brands. Amazon offers thousands of reviews for customers to ponder the quality of everything from gummy bears to electronics. Like never...
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