Example of shrink film multi-pack
Traco Packaging is Raising the Standards in Shrink Films
Utah Packaging, known for being a leading provider of flexible packaging for 34 years, is continuing to raise the standards clients expect from their shrink films. Utah Packaging, also known for Super Shrink center folded PVC & polyolefin roll tubing...
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Packaging Industry News 2016 Chicago
With so many options and increased competition for store’s shelf space, companies are looking for ways to differentiate their product from the competition. Some ways to stand out on store shelves is to highlight your product with bright graphics or...
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How Shrink Sleeve Labels are Helping to Overcome Design Challenges
As a consumer, you see shrink sleeve labels on containers you purchase and use every day. The shrink sleeve label’s ability to conform to the container shape, and provide printed label graphics and content over a larger area of the...
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