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Premium Shrink Film/Wrap Packaging Solutions

Innovative Technologies of Shrink Film

When it comes time to package your product you want to choose a shrink-packaging film that will improve product appearance and quality. Packaging Utah is an industry leading manufacturer and suppliers of the finest PVC packaging films available. Our PVC and polyolefin shrink film will package your products to meet the most stringent standards enforced.

Whether you’ve found your next packaging idea by walking through the aisle of your local store, by sketching out an original design, or by looking at the products in your own refrigerator, if you can find it, visualize it, or see it, we can help you make it.

Features of Shrink Film

Our shrink film made in Utah has many uses and goes by many names. You may have heard it called super shrink, plastic shrink film, or shrink wrap. This versatile product can also be made using different materials. Packaging Utah offers both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polyolefin films in numerous sizes and configurations. Shrink film is very versatile and opens up a lot of options for your packaging. Here are some of the things that shrink film can do for you:

PVC Shrink Bands: PVC shrink bands are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Pre-sized for efficient application, shrink bands slip over your container and with just a little application of heat, seals it up tight.

Shrink Bags: Shrink bags are another fast and innovative way to package and seal your products using shrink film. We can supply you with preformed and cut-bags or shrink film tubes that you can cut and seal to suit your needs.

Multipack: Need to bundle a set of products? Multipack shrink film is an affordable, attractive, and efficient way to keep it all together. Serve up your twin packs and promotional sets in style with our clear, color, or custom printed shrink wraps.

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For the best packaging design company that Utah has to offer, be sure to enlist the help of Packaging Utah. Learn more about our team and what we can do, or simply contact us today to get started!

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Premium Packaging Solutions For Your Business

  • –SuperShrink® Dome Bags
  • –Packaging Utah was the original leader in developing shrink bags for the gift basket industry. Our film makes the clearest and toughest shrink bags available today. You can get FDA-approved direct and indirect food contact bags.
  • –Custom arcs and domes
  • –Square shaped
  • –Vented options
  • –Stock and custom sizes up to 40” wide and 52” long
  • –Promote, Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Products with Multi-Pack Shrink Bands
  • –Deliver strong, safe packaging solutions when products are combined into multi-packs with shrink film or bands. Available in clear or custom print with partial or full coverage graphics.
  • –Tamper-Evident Neck Bands
  • –Packaging Utah has the largest selection of band sizes in the industry coupled with quick response time for custom runs. Try a sample to ensure exact fit—no surprises! Custom manufactured to meet the most stringent customer specifications. Tolerances meet or exceed all industry standards.
  • –All sizes, gauges, and colors in clear, opaque, and tinted
  • –Order stock prints or request custom printing
  • –Specify pull tabs, vertical and horizontal perforations

Ready to Make Your Vision a Reality?

For the best packaging design company that Utah has to offer, be sure to enlist the help of Packaging Utah. Learn more about our team and what we can do, or simply contact us today to get started!

Packaging Utah’s location and scale allows us as a packaging distributor in Utah to offer just-in-time delivery to our customers throughout the state. Packaging Utah’s 60,000 square foot Facility is located in Utah County just seconds from I-15.

Our on-site warehouse holds one of the largest inventories of shrink film and packaging supplies in North America. A fleet of trucks stand at the ready to bring you the packaging materials you need when you need them.

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