What to Know About Cannabis Packaging Regulations
Overview Experts forecast that the market for legal cannabis will reach $57 billion by 2027, and many companies are becoming desperate to capitalize on it. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are becoming mainstream now that hemp-based CBD products are legal in all 50...
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Shrink wrapped bottles on a pallet
Sustainable Shrink Film Packaging
Sustainability When we talk about sustainability with respect to plastics, the concept often meets skepticism. After all, most people think, “how can plastics be sustainable?” However, these assumptions relative to environmental impact are not accurate. Sustainability is a process, not...
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What Shrink Film is Best for Your Product?
What Shrink Film is Best for Your Product or Application? If you are looking for shrink film materials to keep your product safe and secure, you probably already know there are many types of shrink film on the market. Finding...
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Tamper-Evident Bands for Maximum Safety
Tamper-Evident Bands for Maximum Safety One of the most popular trends in packaging today is the use of tamper-evident neck bands for safety. Manufacturers use them most commonly in pharmaceutical, food and beverage products, and heat shrinkable tamper-evident seals offer...
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Planet or plastic? Corrugated cardboard packaging for the planet
Corrugated Cardboard Packaging for the Planet
Corrugated Cardboard Packaging for the Planet If you saw the cover of National Geographic magazine this June, you’re not the only one. The cover received a lot of attention with a riveting image and an important question, “Planet or Plastic?”...
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Introducing HP SmartStream Collage
Launched in mid-2016, HP introduced SmartStream Mosaic making it possible to create one to millions of unique designs in digitally printed shrink sleeve labels. Using one or multiple seed artwork files, the art could be rotated, scaled, or changed in...
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Diet Coke bottles printed with HP Mosaic
HP Mosaic: Leveraging New Print Technologies
HP SmartStream Designer: Mosaic You may have at one time or another received a promotional card in the mail that had your name printed on it with an offer directly speaking to you. This is an example of variable print...
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UV Invisible Inks For Security in Digital Printing
When you think of invisible ink, you may picture your childhood where you once wrote messages in lemon juice, but more than likely, you've encountered invisible ink in a number of commercial settings without knowing it. Invisible security inks in...
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Recyclability and Sustainability in Shrink Sleeve Labels
Recyclability and sustainability are important growing trends in consumer packaging. the desire for longer product shelf-life and support for recycling are two factors that drive these trends. When advanced packaging materials are used, packaging goes a long way towards meeting...
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Example of shrink sleeves that can promote your brand
Promote Your Brand with Digital Shrink Sleeve Labels
The market is changing. Millennials have an increasing influence in regard to how brands are perceived and how they function in today's markets much more than earlier generations, commonly referred to as "GenY" and "GenX." This means we have to...
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