Traco Packaging is Raising the Standards in Shrink Films

Orem, Utah – Traco Packaging, known for being a leading provider of flexible packaging for 32 years, is continuing to raise the standards clients expect from their shrink films. Traco Inc., also known for Super Shrink center folded PVC & polyolefin roll tubing is consistently raising the bar of film standards by working with our manufacturing partners to achieve higher tolerances and greater variety of the films introduced to the market.

When it comes time to package your product you want to choose a packaging film that will improve product appearance and quality. Traco is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest packaging films available. Traco’s shrink film will package your products to meet the most stringent standards wanted in the marketplace.

Popular among manufacturers, Traco’s PVC shrink films are known for their smooth, flat surface, highly reflective appearance, and high clarity. It is very versatile and will perform well on low, medium, or high-speed applications. This manufacturer favorite film is often used by suppliers of art and frame products, DVD & Blue-ray cases, and difficult to protect packages. PVC shrink film is ideal for manufacturers or suppliers of candles due to its ability to resist color bleed and odor leaching, although any product can be packaged with this film. Traco’s PVC shrink film requires very low temperature to shrink (works great with heat guns). This shrink film is ideal for operators who work with small 110-volt sealers and shrink tunnels as well as larger 220-volt systems. Our films have the ability to resist ambient heat in transit and storage. Suppliers prefer Traco’s PVC shrink film because it improves shelf life and is less likely to experience problems with blocking from unintended exposure to heat or sunlight. PVC films are ideal for food manufacturers or processing plants. It’s the number one choice for food suppliers needing to shrink wrap fruit baskets due to its FDA compliance for in-direct food contact. If you are thinking flexible packaging, you are thinking Traco Packaging.

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Traco Packaging: Have a Unique Brand? Be Unique With Shrink Sleeve Graphics!
man in Traco Utah packaging design warehouse

With so many options and increased competition for store’s shelf space, companies are looking for ways to differentiate their product from the competition. Some ways to stand out on store shelves is to highlight your product with bright graphics or to have a one-of-a-kind container.

But is it possible to have both? Well, yes! For many years marketers have had limited access to create a full 360-degree graphical view for their products. One way to have a full 360-degree shelf presence is with shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeve labels are a relatively new type of label that has been building momentum in the label industry for several years now. Shrink sleeves have special qualities that include:

  • Full 360-degree container design allows for expanded creativity with robust visuals, colors and gloss/matte finish that make a superior shelf impact.
  • The sleeves are durable, scratch resistant and waterproof insuring your product always looks and feels the way it should.
  • Shrink sleeves can adhere to the most difficult of shape and substrate.
  • Use of shrink sleeves is better for the environment than colored bottles due to their ease of removal while allowing the clear bottle/container to be reused.

Shrink sleeves tend to have a higher initial cost impact than other types of labels, but in most cases use of shrink sleeves will increase your product’s sales due to the improved product’s shelf appeal. Shrink sleeve labels can be used under almost any conditions within most industries, which can save money over the life of the product. Shrink sleeves can also decrease container and shipping costs due to the broad band of options it opens that containers companies can incorporate within their offerings.

The shrink sleeve market is expected to reach $13.2 billion dollars by 2020 and will experience a CAGR of 5.5% from 2015 to 2020. Due to the shrink sleeve market growing at an incredible rate shrink sleeves are as ideal as ever to incorporate into your product’s marketing plan.

Visit Traco Packaging’s booth at PACK EXPO and you will see the expanded capabilities in providing clients with printed shrink labels and shrink equipment, clear shrink packaging, tamper evident shrink bands, multipack capabilities, preformed shrink bands, shrink films, shrink bags, PVC, polyolefin, PET, PLA, digital printing, PS (pressure sensitive) labels and customizable capabilities.

Did you know Traco Packaging stocks one of the largest inventories of shrink films in the country? With multiple printing presses in digital, Flexo and Rotogravure our printing line capacity, along with enhanced shrink film technology, will keep you fully supplied. Traco provides shrink sleeves for some of the top brands in the country and has all the solutions for every product provider’s needs. If you are thinking flexible packaging, you are thinking Traco Packaging.

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Traco Packaging Continues to Expand its Flexible Packaging Offerings!

Traco Packaging Inc. partners with some of the best manufacturers and providers of flexible films. No wonder why Traco Packaging is a leading U.S. manufacturer and distributor of flexible film packaging equipment. Traco’s network of distributors in shrink film products creates a competitive advantage for clients who are looking for that specialty film necessary to make their product standout on the shelf. For the past 30 years our packaging company has provided our customers with the best packaging equipment and supplies in all varieties with the right packaging equipment and shrink wrap film to meet all your company’s packaging challenges. Did you know Traco Packaging is one of the United States’ largest stocker and seller of shrink film? Traco’s huge warehouse facility houses a multitude of kinds and sizes of shrink films including all types of PVC and Polyolefin.

Today, Traco Packaging offers a variety of shrink label products and equipment including tamper evident shrink labels and pressure sensitive (PS) labels. We are an industry leader for SuperShrink® labels and have what you need to successfully package and market your products with shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels. With a multitude of printing formats at our fingertips, Traco can create any label you need.

Printed tamper evident labels and custom printed shrink labels are one of the hottest and are becoming the most common & convenient way to successfully packaging products. They can be applied to all kinds of products and packaging – regardless of the size, shape or texture. We offer many printing options including digital printing, flexographic printing and even Rotogravure printing to match the quality and volume you need. Shorten your time to market with 2-day prototypes and mockups using Traco’s digital printing service.

Contact Traco today we are sure to have the products you are looking for to support and fulfill your immediate needs in shrink films, shrink bands, full body shrink sleeves, custom shrink labels, tamper evident labels, pressure sensitive label, 360-degree labels, no-look labels. Shrink labels provide a way to customize your product as well as protect them. Whether you need a full body shrink sleeve, clear film or a detailed pressure sensitive label, we have custom packaging solutions for all your needs. If you are thinking flexible packaging, you are thinking Traco Packaging.

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