Planet or plastic? Corrugated cardboard packaging for the planet
Corrugated Cardboard Packaging for the Planet
Corrugated Cardboard Packaging for the Planet If you saw the cover of National Geographic magazine this June, you’re not the only one. The cover received a lot of attention with a riveting image and an important question, “Planet or Plastic?”...
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Introducing HP SmartStream Collage
Launched in mid-2016, HP introduced SmartStream Mosaic making it possible to create one to millions of unique designs in digitally printed shrink sleeve labels. Using one or multiple seed artwork files, the art could be rotated, scaled, or changed in...
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UV Invisible Inks For Security in Digital Printing
When you think of invisible ink, you may picture your childhood where you once wrote messages in lemon juice, but more than likely, you've encountered invisible ink in a number of commercial settings without knowing it. Invisible security inks in...
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Example of shrink sleeves that can promote your brand
Promote Your Brand with New Capabilities in Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeve Labels
The market is changing. Millennials have an increasing influence in regard to how brands are perceived and how they function in today's markets much more than earlier generations, commonly referred to as "GenY" and "GenX." This means we have to...
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New Cost-Effective Packaging Security Capabilities
New Cost-Effective Packaging Security Capabilities – Serialized Package Printing Solution There’s a new cost-effective way to track and trace consumer goods packaging from manufacturer to consumer. HP and Digimarc are collaborating to provide a new serialization packaging offering that can...
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What to Consider When Creating a Product Packaging Design
On the surface, product packaging design seems relatively straightforward. You put a lot of thought into the product itself, and the packaging serves to get the product from your facilities to the customer. While this is true in essence, the...
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What Product Label Printing I Need for My Product
Creating the right product labeling is an important part of the marketing process. Product labeling serves as the face of your product once it gets into the hands of potential customers. You want it to reflect your brand. You also...
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corrugated packaging board
What is Corrugated Packaging?
Corrugated board is comprised of a combination of flat sheets of paper called liners that are adhered to a medium. The medium is formed into a series of arches called flutes. When combined in this way, corrugated packaging materials gain...
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Ways You Can Benefit From Custom Packaging Solutions
Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions Product packaging plays an essential role in nearly every transaction, regardless of the industry. In addition to making sure that your product is protected, custom packaging supplies can also help make a positive impression of...
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4 Most Common Mistakes of Packaging Design in Utah
Your company’s product packaging design in Utah can make or break your business success. While packaging design plays a key role in maintaining the safety and quality of your products, proper packaging is also important because it sends a message...
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