5 Ways to Create Product Packaging That Stands Out

Today’s world is full of options. For example, the frozen foods aisle alone is home to upwards of 50 ice cream brands. Amazon offers thousands of reviews for customers to ponder the quality of everything from gummy bears to electronics. Like never before, customers are truly inundated with the paradox of choice. All these choices mean business owners have a whole lot more competition, no matter what industry they’re in. This makes it more important than ever to make your product packaging stand out. Your product’s packaging immediately influences a customer’s first impression and could make or break the sale within a millisecond, so make sure you wow your customers with outstanding product packaging design. Here are five tips to consider in the design process:

1. Keep Things Simple

Many businesses have gone over the top with their efforts to stand out, adding flashy colors and excessive pizazz to their designs. But there’s a backlash happening against companies who try too hard. Today’s successful brands create simple, minimal designs that are a relief to overwhelmed customers.

2. Know Your Audience

Though simple design is almost always better for any audience, there are plenty of other design choices you’ll need to make that depend on your target customer. Use market testing to find out what appeals to your customer base, then apply those principles to your designs. Creating a prototype package via a digitally printed shrink sleeve label lets you test your design at a low cost while providing the agility you need to tweak your artwork.

3. Do Something Different

Consider what your competitors are doing with their packaging, then tweak it to stand out from the crowd. Often, companies like to mimic each other. If all the other companies are using glass bottles, maybe you should use a recyclable plastic bottle with a shrink wrap label. If all the other companies are using red and green color schemes, consider going with blue and white, etc.

4. Learn the Psychology of Colors

Speaking of colors schemes, make sure the colors in your packaging work in your favor. Studies show that certain colors can have a subconscious influence on our emotions and decision-making processes, so choose wisely.

5. Be Practical.

Though your design may be simple, eye-catching, and unique, you still need to make sure it’s practical. Customers need to be able to easily transport the package and understand how to open it. You’ll also want to consider cost and practicality of shipping before committing to a certain design.

Creating beautiful, eye-catching packaging is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Take greater care in designing your packaging with the help of Packaging Utah. We offer packaging design to help any business rise above the rest. Contact us today to get started. Call Packaging Utah at 866-516-1205, email us at info@packagingutah.com, or visit our website at packagingutah.com to request a quote.