Ways You Can Benefit From Custom Packaging Solutions

Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions

Product packaging plays an essential role in nearly every transaction, regardless of the industry. In addition to making sure that your product is protected, custom packaging supplies can also help make a positive impression of your company as well as saving your company money. Here are some ways that your company can benefit from custom packaging solutions.

Help Make A Positive Impression

Most stores rely on several different factors to create a positive customer experience, such as store decorations and customer interactions with employees. Ecommerce companies don’t have this luxury. Ecommerce relies on custom packaging to create a good first impression and to increase their brand awareness not only by incorporating their brand logo but also by utilizing custom messages and pictures.

Through the rise of “unboxing videos”—a genre of videos where users record themselves unboxing a product, a genre that can obtain millions of views—thousands of potential customers are able to gain impressions of a product, which may affect future business. Utilizing custom packaging solutions effectively will not only raise brand awareness but can also positively affect how consumers view a product.

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Save Your Company Money

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss custom packaging supplies as expensively branded packaging.

In reality, custom packaging solutions can actually save companies money on their shipping costs.

Shipping companies have implemented “dimensional weight pricing” or DIM Weight pricing where shippers now charge retailers for the volume of their product, rather than the product’s weight. This means using standard packaging with wholesale cardboard boxes combined with packing peanuts can actually cost a retailer more. By using custom packaging solutions to create an optimally sized and protected package, your company can realize major savings on shipping costs.

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