Packaging Design in Utah: Successes and Failures

We have all been there as consumers. We go to the store to find our favorite products, the ones that we buy all the time. They have become part of our daily lives. But when you look for that familiar packaging design, it doesn’t seem to be there. What happened?

Rather than the store being out of stock, you realize that the company has changed its packaging, so the branding that has long drawn your eye is now no longer recognizable. This can be for the better in the long run, if the benefits of the new packaging outweigh the initial drawback of being unfamiliar, but companies should be careful about their packaging design. To illustrate the point, we’ve compiled five examples of packaging successes and failures. Each offers lessons for getting your product packaged with the best packaging design in Utah.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Tropicana

A specific example of the scenario above was provided by Tropicana. When it changed its packaging and no longer featured the familiar lettering and orange with a straw, sales dropped by an astounding 19 percent. People just didn’t recognize the packaging and passed right by the product they once knew so well. Tropicana learned its lesson quickly and went back to the familiar design. You definitely want to get your product packaging right, including that ever important product label.

Sensible Tissues

For an example of packaging design that worked, Kleenex did a great job in a few ways. For one, the pull-out tissue box design is so much more convenient than the older boxes that forced people to try to grab just one off the top of the stack. Second, placing the barcode on the tab that gets pulled off and discarded helps preserve the elegant design on the rest of the box. Finally, Kleenex got creative with their desktop designs, adorning them with images of things like typewriters and cartoon faces as well as florals and geometric designs.

Kraft Singles

You don’t want your packaging to become famous for the wrong reasons. Kraft accomplished this with peanut butter singles for sandwiches. The idea of people not being willing to spread their peanut butter became an industry joke. It’s a classic example of custom product packaging gone wrong.


Another example of changing familiar design is provided by Cadbury. When they rounded the edges of their chocolate rectangles, people actually reported that they tasted different. Never underestimate the power of product psychology. Consistency in packaging design, here in Utah and there in the UK, is critical.


You can thank Andy Warhol for helping out, but the fact of the matter is that Campbell’s has created and sustained a recognizable brand for generations. They have improved their packaging with easy-open can tops while maintaining a design that can easily be spotted from across the aisle.

Let us help you get your product packaging right. For the best packaging design in Utah, request a quote today!


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