corrugated packaging board

What is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated paper products began in the 1800s and quickly became a standard in packaging. Corrugated board is comprised of a combination of flat sheets of paper called liners that are adhered to a medium. The medium is formed into a series of arches called flutes. This comprises the wavy portion you see in the cross-section of the board. Different sizes of flutes provide varying levels of thickness. When parts are combined, corrugated packaging materials gain an overall strength greater than each individual part, with considerable resistance and rigidity to outside forces. This allows the materials to provide crush resistance and adequate strength for stacking in warehouses. The flutes also allow air to flow throughout the materials, allowing a greater tolerance for temperature changes. The resulting board can be cut and folded into a variety of shapes and sizes.

When Should You Use Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated packaging remains a popular way to ship products due to its high performance in packing and protecting products. You should consider using it to protect your products if:

  • You desire lightweight protection for your product. Due to its construction, corrugated packaging can withstand a great amount of weight and pressure depending on the size of the flutes used.
  • You need packaging materials that are easily customizable into your desired shape or size.
  • You want packaging that allows for better printing and graphic capabilities. This allows you to print customizable messages and logos which can help brand awareness.
  • You would like packaging that is made from environmentally sustainable materials. Corrugated materials are made from paper, which is a renewable, recyclable resource.
  • You want packaging that is easily available. Many local stores and online shipping companies have corrugated packaging readily on hand.

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