What Product Label Printing I Need for My Product

Creating the right product labeling is an important part of the marketing process. Product labeling serves as the face of your product once it gets into the hands of potential customers. You want it to reflect your brand. You also want it to match your product’s purpose, especially if your product requires any kind of special packaging or custom label printing.

Your Label Printing is a Marketing Tool

Each time customers or potential customers view your product is an opportunity to market your product to them. Remember your company and product branding, and make sure your labeling is consistent with your brand. It might seem trivial, but every detail of your labeling is part of your branding. From the font and colors you select for the label printing to the size and shape of the product labeling, you are communicating something to your customers about your product.

Important factors here include how much and what information you want to communicate on the product labeling. Some products have required content like safety or nutritional information. You also need to make sure your contact information is easy to find, usually on the back of the product if possible.

When to Use Custom Label Printing

In addition to the required information that you have to include and value propositions that you want to include on your label, there are also special considerations for the product labeling itself. For products that need an easy to remove label like bars of soap, you may opt for a cigar band style label that wraps around your product and adheres to itself instead of your product. For things that tend to get wet like cleaning products, you want to make sure the adhesive and label material are waterproof. Also, if your product requires some degree of tamper-proofing, you will need labeling that secures the packaging until it is purchased.

There are about as many options for product labeling as there are products. One of the best things you can do is work with packaging experts who can help you craft the right product labels and labeling process for your needs.

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