What to Consider When Creating Product Packaging Design

On the surface, product packaging design seems relatively straightforward. You put a lot of thought into the product itself, and the packaging serves to get the product from your facilities to the customer. While this is true in essence, the process is far more involved than that. There are many things that you should consider when creating a product packaging design. Here are a few key points to keep in mind throughout the design process.

Let the Product Guide the Packaging Design

Since your focus is to transport and sell your product, the packaging should focus on the product itself. So when considering product packaging design, think about how your packaging can accentuate the key selling points of your product. If your product is physically appealing on its own, then clear packaging might be the way to go. If your product’s key selling points are more functional or conceptual than visual, then more text and images on a paperboard box might be a better fit.

Know Your Audience and Get Their Attention

As with all aspects of marketing, you need to focus your packaging design on your audience. If you are selling to people who value minimal packaging as an environmental priority, then use fewer and easily recyclable materials. If your audience values sturdy, secure packaging for delicate products, then a hard clamshell or interior foam protection might be the way to go. Put plenty of time and emphasis on the text on the packaging. The color, the amount of text, and the wording need to come from your understanding of your audience.

Go Green

This is a good idea no matter your audience. These days, people tend to raise an eyebrow at excessive product packaging. If your packaging seems wasteful, it could send the wrong message. Doing this right can also help save you money in packaging costs.

Protect the Product

While reducing packaging is a sound marketing and environmental idea, make sure your product is sufficiently protected. The last thing you want is for your customers to receive damaged goods.

The Lifespan of Your Product Packaging Design

From surviving all parts of the shipping process to looking attractive on store shelves and in the hands of your customers, you want your product to shine at all times. Keep these tips in mind and utilize the services of experts in product packaging design to get it all done right.

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