Ways You Can Benefit From Custom Packaging Solutions
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Product packaging plays an essential role in nearly every transaction, regardless of the industry. In addition to making sure that your product is protected, custom packaging supplies can also help make a positive impression of your company as well as saving your company money. Here are some ways that your company can benefit from custom packaging solutions.

Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions

Help Make A Positive Impression

Most stores rely on a number of different factors to create a positive customer experience, such as store decorations and customer interactions with employees. Ecommerce companies don’t have this luxury. Ecommerce relies on custom packaging to create a good first impression and to increase their brand awareness not only by incorporating their brand logo but also by utilizing custom messages and pictures.


Through the rise of “unboxing videos”—a genre of videos where users record themselves unboxing a product, a genre that can obtain millions of views—thousands of potential customers are able to gain impressions of a product, which may affect future business. Utilizing custom packaging solutions effectively will not only raise brand awareness but can also positively affect how consumers view a product.


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Save Your Company Money

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss custom packaging supplies as expensively branded packaging.

In reality, custom packaging solutions can actually save companies money on their shipping costs.


Shipping companies have implemented “dimensional weight pricing” or DIM Weight pricing where retailers are now charged for the volume of their product, rather than the product’s weight. This means using standard packaging with wholesale cardboard boxes combined with packing peanuts can actually cost a retailer more. By using custom packaging solutions to create an optimally sized and protected package, your company can realize major savings on shipping costs.


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We’re Proud to Announce the Launch of the HP Indigo 6900 Presses


Utah Packaging is proud to announce the launch of two HP Indigo 6900 presses at its Utah facility in October

By adding HP Indigo 6900s Utah Packaging has expanded its capability and versatility in the fast moving on-demand labeling market. Utah Packaging provides both PVC/PET shrink sleeves as well as PS labels to a multitude of industries and markets nationwide. Utah Packaging has upped the standard of satisfaction through its unmatched customer service and print quality, which is inherent through the print technology HP Provides. Utah Packaging strives to be the market leader in customer education in labeling, as the industry continues to pivot towards fast, effective shrink labeling. Utah Packaging can address more unique requests, more applications and support more long sustained orders, while delivering on time and on demand requests.

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4 Most Common Mistakes of Packaging Design in Utah


Your company’s product packaging design in Utah can make or break your business success. While packaging design in Utah plays a key role in maintaining the safety and quality of your products, proper packaging is also important because it sends a message to your customers about the integrity of your company.

Common Packaging Mistakes

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for businesses to make critical packaging mistakes that can greatly damage their reputation. By being aware of the following common packaging errors, you can make smart packaging decisions that don’t just make your products appealing to buyers, but also represent your business in a favorable manner.

1. Packaging “Already Packaged” Goods

There are far too many examples of products that don’t need to be packaged in the first place. Things like individually packaged oranges, bananas, and Coca-Cola stand out as a waste of materials and resources. Even though the company may have good intentions, going above and beyond to wrap and package “naturally” packaged goods is both inefficient and uneconomical and can often turn customers away rather than attract them.

2. Excessive Packaging

The powerhouse Internet retailer Amazon is notorious for making foolish packaging decisions. Customers have posted their complaints about receiving things like a 3-pair pack of socks wrapped in 7-feet of air packaging and a massive box. Other examples include a deck of playing cards swaddled in an excessive amount of brown wrapping paper, or a small cat toy wand arriving in a box big enough to hold a baseball bat. This common packaging mistake can quickly make customers think twice before making their purchases, especially if they are eco-minded individuals who are sensitive to the amount of waste they contribute to the environment.

3. Packaging That’s Outdated

Yes, even packaging can become outdated after some time. Packing peanuts, for example, aren’t used as frequently as they once were. Not only can packing peanuts be a pain to deal with, but until recently, they weren’t biodegradable, which meant they were sitting in landfills across the globe. When it comes to packaging your products, be mindful of consumer buying habits and do your research to know what your clients are expecting from packaged products.  

4. Failure to Test Packaging

Have you ever opened a package only to find that the product is damaged or broken? While this can sometimes be the result of a faulty product, nine-times-out-of-ten, poor packaging is to blame. To ensure your products remain intact and safe, it’s critical to focus on package testing. By testing your product packaging for shipping durability, handling security, and product protection, you can ensure greater success once your product hits the market.


To ensure you’re avoiding these and other pitfalls of product packaging, turn to Traco Manufacturing. As a leader in packaging design in Utah, Traco has the experience, knowledge, and dedication needed to help you maintain the best possible packaging strategies. Give your customers a great shipping experience by following our 4 tips for success.




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